Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sixteen Thousands New Australia visa Places to be allocated- Budget 2011-2012

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

With a new focus on regional Australian visas to fill skills shortages, the Australian Federal Budget yesterday released that almost 16,000 skilled migration places would be allocated as part of the Federal Budget.
The number of skilled migrant places for the 2011/12 Government's Migration Program has increased to 185,000 places - up from 168,700 places the year before.
This figures is not only a moderate rise on the 2010/11 program but also a positive sign of growth after the period of financial crisis when the economy of Australian was affected seriously and migration places were being cut back.
Treasurer of Australia and Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan commented on the increase that there was a need to "attract highly-skilled migrants to live and work in regional Australia".
According to Migration Scheme, 16,000 foreign workers will be put in to jobs in regional Australia to fill skill shortages that employers can't fill from the local labour force. Chris Bowen, Australian Minister was enthusiastic about the changes. He said that the Federal Government would specifically allocate permanent visas for regional areas.
"The patchwork nature of the Australian labour market means it's important to recognise unique local circumstances and tailor migration solutions accordingly" Bowen added.
The announcement came because pressures on Australian skilled shortages boomed, together with a report by Skills Australia estimating that 2.4 million more skilled workers will be needed within the next four years.
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