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Australian Capital Territory Jobs in Australia

HP - Canberra, ACT - Brisbane, QLD

Employment Office Canberra, ACT

Siemens PLM Software Downer, ACT

Avanade Canberra, ACT

Avanade Canberra, ACT

Microsoft Canberra, ACT

Sponsorship Jobs in Australia

TMC Australian Career Solutions - Sydney, NSW - Brisbane, QLD
Thomas Managment Consulting Ltd Perth, WA

Thomas Managment Consulting Ltd Australia

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sixteen Thousands New Australia visa Places to be allocated- Budget 2011-2012

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

With a new focus on regional Australian visas to fill skills shortages, the Australian Federal Budget yesterday released that almost 16,000 skilled migration places would be allocated as part of the Federal Budget.
The number of skilled migrant places for the 2011/12 Government's Migration Program has increased to 185,000 places - up from 168,700 places the year before.
This figures is not only a moderate rise on the 2010/11 program but also a positive sign of growth after the period of financial crisis when the economy of Australian was affected seriously and migration places were being cut back.
Treasurer of Australia and Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan commented on the increase that there was a need to "attract highly-skilled migrants to live and work in regional Australia".
According to Migration Scheme, 16,000 foreign workers will be put in to jobs in regional Australia to fill skill shortages that employers can't fill from the local labour force. Chris Bowen, Australian Minister was enthusiastic about the changes. He said that the Federal Government would specifically allocate permanent visas for regional areas.
"The patchwork nature of the Australian labour market means it's important to recognise unique local circumstances and tailor migration solutions accordingly" Bowen added.
The announcement came because pressures on Australian skilled shortages boomed, together with a report by Skills Australia estimating that 2.4 million more skilled workers will be needed within the next four years.
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Monday, 16 May 2011

Visa Fees to be increased in New Budget

Robert Pearce | Monday, May 16th, 2011
he Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) will be increasing a number of visa fees as part of the new federal budget.
The increases which will take effect on July 1st will see many application fees increase by as much as 15 percent in order to “help offset the wider costs associated with the operation of the migration and temporary entrant program.” 
The fee increases will not apply Australian tourist visas and Australian tourist visas. While the increases have not been officially announced, there have been some projections.
The Permanent Skilled Migration visa is currently $2,575 and could be increased to as much as $2,961 while the Permanent Family Migration which is currently $1,735 could go up to $1,995.  

Australia's Visitors Visa Became Easy

20 April 2011

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen and Nick Sherry Minister for Small Business have announced a discussion paper asking for views on the simplification of Australian visitor visas.
The Government is trying to reduce the different types of visas and visa subclasses by fifty percent by 2015. Mr Bowen went on to say:
"The government's proposal to simplify visitor visas follows on from our recent commitment to streamline temporary work visas."
"We are undertaking broad public consultation on the visa simplification process, to ensure we consider the impact of any changes on the community," he added.
The proposals are that all short-stay (non-business visitor) work activities be moved out of the visitor program and into the new unsponsored short-stay visa. This will form part of the proposed new temporary work visa. It is also proposed that the types of visitor visas are reduced from nine to four.
Senator Sherry went onto say:
"This streamlining will be achieved by relocating certain short-stay work entitlements and by consolidating common regulatory requirements.
"The government is planning to achieve further simplification in this area by standardising similar regulations and removing duplicate regulation."
If you wish to comment on these proposals you have until 13 May 2011 to do so. It is hoped that there will be simplified visit visa requirements in the future and that this will result in more people visiting Australia.

More Skilled Immigration Required in Australia's Market

Unemployment in Australia has fallen below 5 percent. Low unemployment means more labour shortages. Businesses are urging the government to increase skilled immigration into the country to help deal with these labour shortages.
New job creation in Australia is holding steady at 30,000 per month and growth is expected to continue, according to budget projections by Skills Australia.
Skills Australia believes that the country will need many more Workers. They expect 9.3 million new jobs will be created over the next 15 years.
Skills Australia has stated that the country needs to commit to changes to the permanent skilled migration program and raise the number of skilled migrants from the current number of 113,850 immigrants this year.
They have also said that increasing the levels of immigration will mean that Australian businesses will have the confidence to make longer term investments. Businesses need to know that in future they will be able to recruit the people that they need.
There should also be an increase in the number of people on Temporary visas, and a new enterprise visa should be created to increase levels of investment into Australia, according to Skills Australia.
Australia already has a successful immigration system; This includes the General Skilled Migration program, a popular points based system that scores potential immigrants on factors such as work experience and qualifications.
For more information on immigrating to Australia as a skilled professional, see our Australian skilled immigration section.

Australia Population is growing... But What about thier Life.....?

May 16, 2011
The debate in Australia has for too long been distracted by the issue of asylum-seekers, who account for only a tiny proportion of Australian immigrants in any year.
The real issue is the total level of immigration and whether it is too high or too low. As van Onselen effectively argues, the continuing success of the Australian economy requires relatively high levels of immigration because of our ageing population, skill shortages in key sectors, infrastructure requirements and need for greater competition in the concentrated domestic economy.
Politicians on both sides should put aside their current focus on the short term, and instead, start to plan properly for a future Australia that is larger in numbers but more prosperous.

Indian Immigrant required in Australia to fill labour gap

06 May 2011

Australian and Indian officials are working with Australian educational institutions and training organizations on opening up the country's training system to Indianstudents.

Tens of thousands of Indians would be trained under the plan to work in both countries, with up to 30,000 Australia-trained Indians being recruited to work in Australia.
India prompted the initiative after realising that it needs about a million skilled workers to help develop its own mining industry. Australia is also experiencing a lack or workers as its economy heats up and demand for resources increases.
According to Peter Linford, Australia's senior trade official in India, the skills training program will offer enormous opportunities for the education sector and mining industry.
Linford told the Australian Financial Review that the scheme could become a model for other to follow in industries in other countries.
Indians would be trained to Australian standards and employed on the same conditions as Australians under existing immigration schemes.

Australian Government Fasten Skilled Immigration

11 May 2011

The Australian government will implement a number of regional migration initiatives and will boost permanent immigration for the period of the 2011-12 fiscal year.
The lift in permanent migration visas to 185,000 will build Australia an even more popular destination for skilled individuals looking to reside and work abroad.
"This has provided scope for a moderate increase in the migration program in 2011-12, while maintaining more sustainable annual levels of net overseas migration – in the region of 170,000–180,000 over the next few years," said Immigration Minister Chris Bowen.
Two thirds of the increase in immigration levels will be for skilled migrants to fill critical labour shortages. The skilled migration stream will be set at 125,850 visas, with 16,000 visas allocated to the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

"Regional visas will also be afforded the highest processing priority to recognise the needs of employers and encourage regional migration," DIAC said in a statement.
"This government recognises that different regions face different opportunities and pressures. The patchwork nature of the Australian labour market means it's important to recognise unique local circumstances and tailor migration solutions accordingly," Bowen said.
"Regional Migration Agreements will offer a coordinated, localised response to labour needs, helping local areas to implement workforce strategies that support growth while ensuring local workers remain the first choice for employers and industry," he added.

Temporary 475 visa holders who have spent two or more years in regional areas will also have their request for permanent residency fast-tracked if their employer will continue to sponsor them for an additional two years.

These changes will make Australia an attractive choice for skilled workers. If you are interested in living and working in Australia, fill out a free online assessment formand one of our representatives will contact you shortly.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Hotel jobs, Restaurant jobs, Waiters jobs, Chef Jobs in Australia

Below are some Latest Waiters jobs in Australia
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Updated on May 29, 2011.
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